DENTAL ASSISTANT at American International University West Africa

The Dental Assistant Program is designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the dental care setting. The goal of the American International University West Africa, Health and Medical Science Program's Dental Assistant Program is to graduate students that have demonstrated competencies in clinical and administrative practices as well as demonstrat�ed work ethics and professional values consistent with that of the American Dental Association (ADA).

The Dental Assistant program, leading to a certification as a Dental Assistant, encompasses a one year, three-trimester course of study requiring a total of 51 trimester hours of credit. Stu�dents are involved in an administrative and clinical practi�cum in the dental care setting in the community. These include hospitals, private dental practices, clinics and dental schools.

The Dental Assistant curriculum encompasses the multi-disciplinary team concept. Theoretical skills are attained in conjunction with supervised off-campus clinical affiliation experiences. The curriculum conforms to the standards which are required by the Commission on Accreditation of Dental and Dental Auxiliary Educational Programs.

The Dental Assistant program has two primary objectives: to prepare the student for employment as a professional member of the dental team, functioning as a competent dental assistant after graduation; and to prepare and motivate the student to continue his/her dental education toward a degree. Advanced degrees will enable the qualified student to participate in broader areas of the dental profession.

Dental assisting students must purchase a kit which is non-refundable and is comprised of essential materials and supplies. In addition, other expenses will be required as the academic year progresses. Information will be provided on acceptance.

Clinical affiliation is conducted off-campus at various institutions, hospitals and private clinics. The student is responsible for providing transportation to and from each clinical and educational facility. The student is expected to be in full dress uniform during this portion of the curriculum.

The Dental Assisting program will produce graduates who are qualified to perform basic skills and roles within dentistry such as:

  • Chairside Assisting
  • Infection Control .
  • Dental Practice Management
  • Administrative Assisting
  • Dental Radiology
  • Extended Functions Assisting
  • Dental Practice Management

General Education Goals:

  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;
  • Develop capabilities for critical thinking;
  • Develop a realistic view of the dynamic interplay of people and their structured integration into a coordinated environment.
  • Enhance self understanding and, thereby, enhance sensitivity toward others;
  • Understand the organization and plan of the body;
  • Understand basic chemistry;
  • Understand microbiology and human
  • Course of Study

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