About us

The College of Management and information Technology (CMIT) is a unique place of learning that combines pursuit of academic knowledge with professional development. The College provides courses that combine mandatory academic and professional subjects at all levels, enabling students to graduate with both academic degrees and professional qualifications. It is also structured to be a center for management and information technology research and development in Africa. It is simply the first of its kind.

The CMIT Story

Recently, there is widespread criticism of the quality of graduates from many universities in Africa, owing largely to the proliferation of universities that are either ill-equipped or lack the necessary structure to deliver the desired standards of education. Often times, governments and employers pay staff for little or no value addition; usually paying many people for jobs that can be performed by one qualified person. Finding good people has become a nightmare for most employers. The failure to produce youths with professionalism in these areas is a major cause of our underdevelopment and failure of corporate entities and governments.OUR DREAM is to fill these gaps

CMIT MISSION is To provide curricula that are tailored to meeting the requirements of industries and train students to be both academically, practically and professionally prepared to “hit the ground running” in the industry. The College has therefore set up departments and centers of research in areas in which many African countries have continually experienced dearth of skills and having to make do with a teeming number of mediocre workforce.

The College curricula are developed to provide academically and technically sound graduates for the labour market in Africa in particular and the world at large. We believe that the bane of development in most developing/underdeveloped countries is the quality of the workforce that the countries possess. Universities must strive to graduate students imbued with the necessary theoretical/academic knowledge supported with requisite professional and technical skills to fit seamlessly into the various offices/vacancies in the market place. To do this, universities’ curricula must be aligned with the needs of the market in such a way that graduates are employable and are able to perform on their jobs with minimal supervision and without employers having to incur huge additional training investments on them. This is indeed a necessity in Africa, aiming to catch up with the pace of development in other parts of the World. Faculty members are drawn from the academia, industry, professional bodies and government establishments for complementarity and robustness of perspectives.

The VISION is to provide a platform for galvanising and channelling the energy and intellectual prowess of our youths towards the acceleration of Africa’s growth and development, and by so doing, making contributions to global advancement in human capacity. CMIT location in The Gambia is a result of a long search for a relatively peaceful and stable part of Africa that provides a conducive atmosphere for serious academic, research and professional activities. We therefore wish to welcome you to CMIT, AIUWA, The Gambia.

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