Our Centres


Centres have been set up within the CMIT to provide faculty members opportunities to be involved in academic and industrial collaboration projects.Students are given the opportunity to work and learn in these Centres. The aim of students' involvement is to create a link between the students Final Year Project and Industrial Placement to ensure the students' projects are industry focused and to produce industry ready graduates to meet the needs of the rapidly changing business and IT markets.

Our Worldclass Research Centres

Centre for Industry Research & Innovative Solutions (CIRIS)

The disconnect between market/industry needs and the foci of research in institutions of higher learning is said to be the factor of the greatest puissance in the slow pace of development in Africa. This is because the financial and social prosperity of communities depends greatly upon a healthy knowledge‐based economy. With increase in global competition, the establishment of a market intelligence gathering and analysis outfit becomes a sine qua non for national growth and development. Thus, there is need to establish institutions that conduct researches to identity and provide multidimensional solutions to issues affecting countries, specifically in Africa and the world at large. CIRIS is a global resource centre created for this purpose and also to help in bridging the gap between industry needs and the nature of academic research and innovations. CIRIS creates platforms for the initiation and enhancement of research to proffer tailor-made, innovative solutions to challenging problems facing industries in different specializations in Africa and the world at large.

Centre for Policy Advisory & Leadership Development (CPALD)

CPALD’s ultimate goal is to undertake independent and objective policy analysis and review with a view to highlighting short to long term effects of policy thrusts in Africa. The Center will provide highly evidenced, reasoned, innovative and critical policy reviews and recommendations to governments and the private sector. CPALD’s policy review and advisory services focuses on government and government agencies, business concerns, tertiary institutions, private sector establishments, research partners and the broader community. CPALD also creates platforms for leadership development by engaging diverse audience through conferences and seminars, roundtable forums, public or closed door lectures and workshops to spread its key research findings. The Centre will also publish periodic journals and reports, as well as, conducts training for both public and private stakeholders.

Centre for Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CEBI)

It is often said that the structure of education in many African countries is skewed in favour of employment rather than entrepreneurship and investments. The academic curricula tend to prepare graduates for “White Collar” jobs at the expense of setting up and owning businesses. This is largely why the proportion of unemployed graduates has continued to increase. CEBI is planned to be a place for developing entrepreneurial skills and imbuing young Africans with the desire to be self-starters; with the right passion and penchant to nurture and grow small businesses to become huge successes. CEBI will continuously provide education and training on viable small businesses and franchises, skills required to start small businesses, sources of funding, management techniques, accountability and available markets locally and around the world.

Centre for Academic Collaboration & Knowledge Exchange (CAKE)

CAKE aims to foster exchange of knowledge among various offices and nations. Knowledge sharing will be encouraged among sectoral peers and similar establishments across the continent such that experience of one can be used by others to facilitate growth. A database of players by sector will be provided and a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience will be fostered. CAKE will also assist in fostering students, personnel and professional exchange programme with different countries around the world, particularly developing countries. The Center will provide consultancy services to needy organization and companies.

Centre for Career support and job placement (CCJ)

Center for Career Support and Job Placement (CCJ) aims to provide career guidance and advisory services to the youths. It assists in vocational abilities and interest testing, hands-on training and assessment, job preparation, job placement, and post-employment support services to clients. The Centre will also expose the youths to the requirements for employment in different professions and locations around the world as well as provide information on global vacancies for different jobs and their requirements. In addition, CCJ will, from time to time, organize seminars and conferences on career advice and challenges. Career and employment workshops will also be organized around Africa, bringing employers and employees together under the same roof. CCJ will serve as a recruitment agency.

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